Instantly Share your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter links with these ‘Social Tags’

Join the Tag Craze

With these new Social Tags, you will be able to instantly share your favourite social media links with whoever you meet. One tap on their phone and they will have Instagram open right up with your profile within seconds. Better than standing there waiting for them to get their phone, unlock it, find and open Instagram, go to search and then wait for you to spell out your username letter by letter! It is as easy as handing over a business card, obviously without the card but definitely with it being super cool when you do it, leaving your new followers thinking, How did he do that!

How does it work?

This is all done by NFC (near field communication) old technology, but never really implemented in this way. Makes sense as it’s super fast and is super cool. The only thing that the user needs to do is ask if they have the NFC function enabled.

If they do, with one tap of your tag, so as long as they have Instagram installed, within a second or two Instagram will open up with your profile on it! It also works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo and most other social media platforms.

More creative ways to use your tag

Another popular tag is for business customers were you have all your details including your website and your email address and any other additional information that you may require.

Using NFC technology to redirect people who interact with the tag to URL website is an amazing way to get yourself some interactive posters. People walking by looking at it can simply tap it and get more information about it on a website. Now how cool is that!

  • Simple looking keyring with personal data stored.
  • Send contact details to new people you meet.
  • Share social media links including – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and much more.
  • Invite people to visit your own website.
  • Comes ready with your detail. No configuration needed.
  • No battery required.