Proximity Beacon marketing

The Tech that never really took off

Recently I came across this old technology that is proximity Bluetooth Beacons. These were essentially developed by Apple about 8 years back from now which is 2018. They are now looking like a very interesting prospect as Google has got involved and have created a platform called Eddystone.

So you have your Bluetooth on, and you’re walking down the road and you decide to check your phone. Then decide to check your notifications and you see something pop up telling you “hey there’s an offer over here with 20% off just because of this notification”

This is what Google has introduced as nearby notifications to help you find things that you are close by. Even letting you interact with physical things with this new platform called the physical web.

How does this work?

Ok so for this to work, you will have to have your Bluetooth turned on, about 20 meters away from the Beacon depending on the settings and you would have to have your nearby settings on which will have come up if you’ve had your first nearby experience and it will ask you if you want to opt-in.

The possibilities are truly endless, there are so many ways to implement this technology and only now it truly feels its hit the market for users because of the new platform which is the physical web and Google helping developers develop new applications for this technology. It looks like we will be seeing a lot more of these Beacons around us.

Beaconzone is the leading suppliers of Bluetooth beacons in the UK. To get started, get yourself some from them or from and download the various apps. The instruction will be with your delivery. I personally had an A4 piece of paper with all the information required and a nippy little USB with a little extra information, but to be quite frank, that was not necessary as all the information was on that paper.

How can this work for you?

Now, for new business owners and startups this can be a godsend, as everything is. Come to think of it, if you have one of these in your pocket or a keyring, you can be walking around as a public bill board and have one of these little products practically beaming what you’re offering (your shop nearby, you website). Obviously, you would need to not be spammy, and keep it relevant to what you are around.

Who can you reach?

The most current research suggests that, at present (July 2018), in the range of 50 percent of consumers leave Bluetooth turned. Rwason for that would be that they are under the impression that it would drain their battery, which is very untrue with most new smartphones.

With the new low energy Bluetooth BLE chips, if you have your bluetooth on throughout the day, it will consume less than 2% of your battery. Most people are very unaware of this because earlier smartphones did consume battery because of Bluetooth being on. Or maybe, these days, even that 2 percent is very dear to some.